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Navigating the System...

I was shocked to get a letter from the


a year after collecting payments for 3 months during COVID lock down, saying I need to repay that money. I fought unemployment and they fought my appeals time after time. I mentioned to Brenda Savage my dilemma and she made the contact the very next day to get this straightened out. I then got a call from a woman at the Unemployment Agency and solved this issue immediately! Such a relief to know Brenda Savage could help me out. It would have taken 10 years to repay unemployment even though I was collecting payments during the lock down. Thank you so much for helping me out Brenda.


                                                                   Carol H.

Health Management

A trustworthy multi-tasker with a dependable value system, Brenda gets things done! Excellent communication skills and clear logic, she solves problems. Brenda's Health Care Management/Administration background enables her to remove roadblocks in today's medical arena. She researches, advises and networks with insurance, medical and legal professionals.


All these skills aided me through my own medical crisis following a stroke and through a complex spinal surgery.


Marie Steigelman

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Connecting the Dots...

Several years ago I was trying to get my 93 year old father, who suffered from Alzheimers, veterans benefits.  He served in the Navy during WWII.  We had been trying for about 3 years to get benefits with no luck.  I told Brenda the story of my Dad and she said she thought she could help me out.  She promptly put me in touch with an aide to our Congressman.  Their office promptly started looking into his case.  She also put me in touch with our county Veterans Affairs Office.  Within 6 months my father started receiving his benefits.  Without Brenda's help I don't think we would have received the benefits that he was entitled to.  I will always be grateful to her for her help.

                                                Patricia Kelley

Easing the Strain

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